Got some questions? Well, we've got you covered!

1. What is PalletPal?

PalletPal is an aggregated supply chain management tool built on an old age cliche; for shippers, by shippers. We provide a portfolio of logistics and value add services that revolve around freight shipping. PalletPal provides customers with an intuitive, user-friendly, and independent platform that enables easy and efficient shipment management. Beyond freight, make use of PalletPal’s partners for warehousing, distribution, fulfillment or last-mile delivery. Here at PalletPal, we combine a simple set of design principles with our customer-driven product development approach to build tailored solutions for the region’s shippers - particularly those neglected by the establishment (i.e. SMEs and mid-market enterprises). We are the Pals eliminating your shipping headaches. Our mission is to make procuring logistics services as quick & easy as booking a flight.

2. How does PalletPal work?

PalletPal is simple and straightforward to use. You simply go directly to app.palletpal.me or access the app at palletpal.me. Once on the app, create an account, verify your email address, insert some necessary company information, and you’re in!

Once you’ve signed into the platform, you will be able to create new shipping requests. The shipping request form takes no longer than 4 minutes and will allow us to gather the information required by our network of logistics providers to get you a quotation. Once submitted, your request is floated to a set of relevant providers in our network who will then bid for your work. For each quotation that you received on the platform, you will be notified via email.

Depending on the urgency of your shipment, you may choose to wait until more than one quotation is uploaded onto the platform. This will allow you to compare the various options available. Once a quote has been selected, your account manager will be in touch to prepare your shipment for pick up!

3. Where does PalletPal get its rates?

PalletPal has a number of agreements in place with multiple carriers, freight forwarders and other relevant service providers around the world. By promising large volumes on certain priority trade lanes, we are able to provide smaller shippers with competitive rates that are typically saved for the largest of shippers in the market. And that’s how we curate and deliver quotes that are tailored to your needs!

4. How long does it take to get a quote from PalletPal?

Between 0 and 48 hours.

5. Where does PalletPal ship to and from?

PalletPal’s priority trade lanes are those that are coming to and from the Middle East and North Africa. With that being said, we do run shipments outside these lanes, however, you may face a slight delay (i.e. longer turnaround time) in procuring those non-priority trade lane shipments.

6. Could PalletPal insure my goods? And, what if I have my own insurance?

Yes, you can select to add insurance to your shipment. PalletPal enables you to insure your shipments through a trusted third party provider.

7. Does PalletPal conduct import and export customs clearance? What if I have my own agents?

Yes! This is a value added service that PalletPal provides. It is up to you, whether or not you would like to use this service. Some of our customers already have their own custom clearance services and opt out of this service.

8. Does PalletPal provide credit terms?

Yes, PalletPal provides three payment options: (1) Pay today (2) Pay in 15 days (3) Pay in 30 days.

9. Is the PalletPal platform free to use? How do I pay for my services with PalletPal?

Yes! The PalletPal platform is free to use. We encourage you to create an account and take a tour before putting in your first shipment request! 

You will only need to pay for a service after you’ve selected a shipment request and can choose to pay for it using a credit card or via bank transfer.

10. Will I be able to see the status of my shipments via PalletPal?

Yes! You can track and trace every single one of your shipments directly on the dashboard!

11. Got some more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us directly via the chat function on our site or shoot us an email at hello@palletpal.me. We’re always open for a chat!